4 Tips For EDM Jobs

[tps_header]There are almost always EDM jobs available for a qualified operator. This is especially true if he has been trained as an apprentice in die mould or tool and die making, which gives a great advantage over somebody who is merely an operator, read on…[/tps_header]

[tps_title]How To Get A Job In EDM[/tps_title]

EDM Operator

EDM Operator

In the US, there are really not many schools that offer any training specifically for electrical discharge machining. It is usually a part of an overall tool and die course, along with blueprint reading, CAD/CAM programming, surface grinding, CNC milling machine operation and lathe work.

Some of the traits that are advantageous to work in this precision trade are: attention to detail, good understanding of numbers and math, ability to multi-task, interest in programming, willingness to be interrupted and later resume work where you left off, ability to work with other team members.

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