Tips For Using WEDM In Mold Making

The WEDM, or wire electrical discharge machine, has completely changed the way injection molds and precision stamping dies are manufactured. Gone are the days of complicated setups on the manual surface grinder and milling machine in order to produce the myriad of intricate details required, read on…
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WEDM In Precision nude celebrities Metal Stamping
Charmilles EDM

Charmilles EDM

The tool and die manufacturing industry is an almost perfect fit for the CNC wire cut EDM. The punches and die blocks that accept them can now be made to fit with incredible accuracy. The cutting parameters on the WEDM are so predictable and able to be controlled that very complex shapes and contours can be routinely manufactured.

If you were to ask an older tool and die maker or mould maker if they miss those days, I seriously doubt many would cast a nostalgic glance backwards for cartoon porn vids very long. The WEDM has relieved a lot of the stress that was once ever present in a tool room.

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WEDM In Precision Metal Stamping
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